toneshiva music production 

In 2006 Gernot Wohlfahrt founded the label toneshiva music production. The Acts have been toneshiva and Wellenform (Leben) and the first EP´s were born in 2012. Since then toneshiva music production has created electronic for adults. 

Gernot Wohlfahrt looks back on a long experience. He has played with Synthesizers, samplers, drum machine and more since he was teenager. The first devices were a Roland JX3P, Yamaha TG-55, E-MU e64, a Casio FZ1 and a Novation Bass Station plus various Effects (for example the Roland Space Echo). The first sequencer was an Atari ST 1040F with Cubase. 

Markant Records

The first commercial production from Gernot Wohlfahrt started in collaboration with Carsten Endrass in the 90´s. The Projekt was Markant Records.

Markant Records Team

The equipment used at that time was a Roland XP-80 with extension boards, a Roland S-750 Turbo and an Apple Powermac 7200 with Cubase VST. 

The first together produced Markant Record:

Markant - Dyade Metabol EP

After several produced EP´s, the path of the two actors parted.

At the same time Gernot Wohlfahrt produced the Leben 01 in a limited edition of 300 pieces as act Wellenform in 1997.

Wellenform - Leben 01